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Entagged as File Tagging API

Beside the Tag Editor, we also maintain a library to access/modify tag data in all the supported formats, which the tag editor uses as back-end.

The library is available for JAVA under the LGPL license, and for C-Sharp (mono/.net) under the MIT X11 License


Javadoc API

You can browse our Javadoc online, it contains the complete methods reference as well as usage samples. The Main entry point in the library is the class AudioFileIO.

Source Code

Obtaining entagged sources via CVS

The source code of Entagged can be browsed online via the web CVS interface.

You can also retreive a local copy on your hard-disk by running
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/entagged co -P entagged

Downloading source tarballs

The source code of the latest release of the libs can be downloaded here, but it doesn't contain all the latest changes (see CVS for that).

Building entagged from source

To build entagged libraries (and also the tag editor) you need "ant" the make-like application for java programs.

$ ant compile will compile the code in place, $ ant package will produce a jar file with the fresh compiled code

Pre-built JAR packages

We also provide a single JAR file to include with your project if that's easier for you

C-Sharp (Mono, .Net)

API Documentation

Not available for the moment

Source Code

Entagged-sharp is hosted on the Mono Project SVN repository, and co-developped by Aaron Bockover

Obtaining entagged sources via SVN

The source code of Entagged-sharp can be browsed online via the web SVN interface.

You can also retreive a local copy on your hard-disk by running
svn co svn://svn.myrealbox.com/source/trunk/entagged-sharp

Downloading source tarballs

There are no source tarballs released yet for this project.

Building entagged-sharp from source

Entagged-sharp uses the autotools, so the standard procedure applies: ./configure;make;make install


We love contributions, translations, new file formats, new UI features, etc. If you have any idea on improving entagged, please contact us

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